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Hrabina Protein Nail Polish

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Een klassieke, sappige rode tint, heerlijk met aristocratische elegantie. Een van onze best verkochte kleuren nu ook verkrijgbaar in de collectie klassieke Protein Nagellakken.

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The Hrabina Protein nail polish is a proposition for all lovers of elegance and self-confident ladies who like to attract attention and intimidate with their look. It will perfectly complement any evening outfit, giving you femininity and unique chic, and as an addition to everyday classic outfits, it will highlight your vivid character.

Properties of red classic nail polish Hrabina:

  • contains jojoba proteins
  • exceptional pigmentation of the nail polish gives perfect coverage
  • the optimum elasticity, ensures no chipping and a long-lasting manicure
  • has a beautiful, shiny finish
  • its creamy texture makes perfect application
  • works well with the natural nail plate

Tips on how to use a classic Indigo nail polish:

  • Before applying on the prepped dehydrated nail, apply a nail polish base to extend the durability of the manicure and not to colour the nail with a coloured pigment (you can use multi-purpose product Base & Top 2 in 1). Leave to dry for approx. 2 min.
  • Apply the first thin coat of nail polish and wait 2 minutes.
  • When applying the second coat, gently press the brush only as you drive under the cuticles. On the remaining surface of the nail, reduce its pressure.
  • After 2 min. apply a topcoat. After the last layer has dried, your manicure is ready!

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